PHP image gallery and filter images with color

PHP image gallery and filter images with color

With PHP you know how to create a gallery. But here you will not only create a gallery but also extract Color from the uploaded image. So next time you give the user to filter images with color.

Creating this type of gallery is very easy and user friendly. Basic file upload knowledge is compulsory.

Then you include one file called “” (you can find this in the downloaded folder) including file and doing actual stuff here.

Create table called php_image_gallery with following query:

Note: include “” file for color filtering

The following code indicates that how to upload a file and extract colours from it

And here we insert data into database.

We fetch all colors from the table and remove duplicates using array_unique().

Then we create color pallet as shown in the figure(side bar).

First we display all images without filtering. When user selects the particular color then images will be filtered with the selected color.