Magento: Delete unused images

Magento: Delete unused images

Most of the Magento websites contains bulk import of products which also include a huge range of images to their shopping portal. Magento has an in built functionality of creating the image folders in media/catalog/product and to arrange them in its own style at the time of upload.

At this point of time, every time an image loads image cache is also created in order to fast up the loading of images in your website. Also a bunch of unused images remains which occupies your website server’s disk space that effects the site speed.

So all you need to do is to delete the images that are not used by any of your products (not in database) but exists in the image folders. To delete all these unused images from your server space, there is a free extension that can do your work with out any manual work searching the unused images and to delete them individually.

Go to this link: and install the extension. Click here to find how to install an extension in Magento.

After successful installation, navigate to “imaclean” menu and click on the refresh button. You will find a list of unused images. Select all and delete it at one go. All your unused images are now deleted from your server folder.