Magento Code Snippets

Hello Friends, Here we have explained magento code snippets which are used to magento programming.

Download extension manually using mage


Delete cache/sessions in magento

Load category by id in magento

Load product by id or sku in magento

Get Configurable product’s Child products in magento

Get Configurable product’s Children’s (simple product) custom attributes in magento

Log to custom file in magento

Call Static Block in magento

Add JavaScript to page in magento

First approach: page.xml – you can add something like

Second approach: Find page/html/head.phtml in your theme and add the code directly to page.html.

Third approach: If you look at the stock page.html mentioned above, you’ll see this line

Normally, the getChildHtml method is used to render a specific child block. However, if called with no paramater, getChildHtml will automatically render all the child blocks. That means you can add something like

to page.xml, and then add the mytemplate.phtml file. Any block added to the head block will be automatically rendered. (this automatic rendering doesn’t apply for all layout blocks, only for blocks where getChildHtml is called without paramaters).

Get the current category/product/cms page in magento

Run Magento Code Externally in magento

Programmatically change Magento’s core config data in magento

Changing the Admin URL in magento

Open up the /app/etc/local.xml file, locate the tag, and change the ‘admin’ part it to something a lot more random, eg:

Clear your cache and sessions.

Magento: Mass Exclude/Unexclude Images

By default, Magento will check the ‘Exclude’ box for you on all imported images, making them not show up as a thumbnail under the main product image on the product view.

getBaseUrl – Magento URL Path

Get The Root Category In Magento

Get The Current URL In Magento

Category Navigation Listings in Magento

Make sure the block that you’re working is of the type catalog/navigation. If you’re editing catalog/navigation/left.phtml then you should be okay.

Debug using zend

$GET, $POST & $_REQUEST Variables

Get methods of an object in magento

First, use get_class to get the name of an object’s class.

Then, pass that get_class_methods to get a list of all the callable methods on an object

Is product purchasable?

Load Products by Category ID in magento

Get associated products

In /app/design/frontend/default/site/template/catalog/product/view/type/

Get An Array of Country Names/Codes in Magento


Create a Country Drop Down in the Frontend of Magento

Return Product Attributes in magento

Format Price in magento

Cart Data in magento

Total items added in cart in magento

Total Quantity added in cart in magento

Sub Total for item added in cart in magento

Grand total for item added in cart in magento

Sub total of cart inkl tax without shipping in magento

Get products id, name, price, quantity, etc. present in your cart in magento

Get number of items in cart and total quantity in cart in magento

Get Simple Products of a Configurable Product in magento

Reset Development Environment (delete orders, customers, reset ids and counters, truncate statistics)

Update all subscribers into a customer group (e.g. 5) in magento

Set german address format in magento

Setting file permissions in magento

Other recommendations in “Securing Magento File & Directory Permissions” (

Getting Configurable Product from Simple Product ID in Magento 1.5+

Get all associated children product of a configurable product in magento

Get parent id of simple product associated to configurable product in magento

Check if customer is logged-in in magento

Get product image in magento

Downsize large product images but not enlarge small images

No square (white background) product images in magento

Show image using current skin path (PHTML)

Show image using current skin path (CMS) in magento

Show CMS block (PHTML)

Get Customer Shipping/Billing Address

Get Product image path in magento

Get product URL in magento

Get Category URL in magento

Get product stock quantity in magento

Get actual price and special price of a product in magento


Get Currency Symbol in magento

Get Currency Code in magento

Track Visitor’s Information in magento

Get / filter all products by attribute value in magento

Check if current page is homepage in magento

Convert Price from Current Currency to Base Currency and vice-versa in magento

Changing price from any one currency to another in magento

Get Currency Rates in magento

Get all categories in magento

Get all active categories in magento

Get active categories of any particular level in magento

Get store specific categories in magento

Get product in stock quantity in magento

Use magento “outside” magento

Hijack session outside magento

Filter collection or get configurable products:

Round price

Get a list of bestsellers in magento

Add category names in product view page in magento

Different toolbar in product list / grid in magento

remotely trigger Varien. Tabs Class or EasyTabs

add this to Varien.Tabs.prototype

to fire the link remotely you can call in magento

where product_tabs_email is the name of the li that you want to open.

Getting Configurable Attributes (Super Attributes) of a Configurable Product in magento

Get order information on success.phtml in magento

Set custom order numbers (starting number) in magento

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